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AVSV Travel Clinic Laval – Your Passport to Travel in Good Health!

Contact our travel clinic to schedule your vaccines before leaving for your trip. We have a comprehensive gamut of travels vaccines and basic vaccines for babies, children, and adults to protect your health. We offer vaccinations for companies to help their employees to prevent illnesses while traveling.

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Our Vaccines

Flu Shot

Diphtheria Vaccine

Tetanus Vaccine

Yellow Fever Vaccine

Varicella Vaccine

Pertussis Vaccine

Typhoid Fever Vaccine

Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B Vaccines

Pneumococcal Vaccine

Rubella Vaccine

Zona Vaccine

Cholera Vaccine

Meningococcal infections Vaccine

Meningococcal Meningitis Vaccine

Gardasil or Cervarix Vaccine

Mumps Vaccine

Poliomyelitis Vaccine

Measles Vaccine

Rabies Vaccine

Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine

AVSV Travel Clinic

Travel Clinic Canada

Get in touch with our travel clinic before making your trip. Vaccination Santé Voyage is a premier provider of health services for tropical and infectious diseases, and is ready and willing to give you the necessary medical advice recommended before leaving Canada for another country.

Our qualified travel health experts will provide customized medical travel advice, and will administer all the required pre-travel medications and vaccines, depending on your destination, itinerary and current health status.

Information on diseases for any destination

When you are planning a trip abroad, you may be headed to a country with completely different conditions and exposures from what you are used to, here in Canada. It is thus advisable to take the necessary preventive measures to reduce your risks of getting infected, and to obtain access to the right information about the likely exposures you may be faced with during your travel.

At Vaccination Santé Voyage, we provide you with all the health travel information you may need for any destination in the world. Whether it is about preventing sun burns in Zanzibar, avoiding a malaria infection in Kenya, or concerning water purification issues in Cuba, we are your ideal health travel partner to consider for your international travels.

Travel Health Services Available

Here are some of the reasons why you need to have a consultation with our experts before you make that international travel:

  • Comprehensive pre-travel consultation with an immunization expert
  • Get all the necessary vaccines needed based on your itinerary
  • Immunization status update
  • Guidelines for preventing specific infections you may be faced with in your destination
  • The right prescriptions for drugs you may need for travel
  • Get the assurance of having consulted a real travel health expert for peace of mind during your trip

Why take the risk?

The last thing you would like to happen to you, is to get infected with a disease while you are in a foreign land. Book an appointment with us today and get all the information and protection you need to have sound health, while outside of Canada.